Medical Equipment

Below is a list of our 2015 Medical Equipment

  • Traditional oxygen delivery adjuncts and masks and full in-line tank system
  • Traditional IV supplies and sharps/safety resources
  • Portable Suction – Impact Vac – Pak – II
  • Alaris Infusion pump
  • Vidacare EZ-IO
  • Wellych Allyn Vital signs monitor (53NTP)
  • Carewell CPM-9000 mini
  • Physio Control LP12 Cardiac Monitor with ETCO2, NIBP, 12 lead
  • Physio Control LP15 Cardiac Monitor with ETCO2, NIBP, 12 lead
  • Impact Uni/Eagle-Vent Mechanical Ventilator 754
  • ParaPAC medic ventilator manual 20D
  • Jolife Lucas 2 Automated CPR Compressor
  • Abbot i-STAT Analyzer
  • Lifeport stretcher kit by Sikorsky with housed power inverter