About Us

Our Services

  • Who We Are – Island Rescue is a new critical care air ambulance operation based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI. We proudly bring state of the art North American standards to the Caribbean Region with immediate emergency response and 24/7 service.
  • What We Do – Island Rescue is an emergency response service. We retrieve critically ill and injured patients from within the Caribbean and return them home or to their destination of choice with seamless bed to bed transfer of care.
  • Other Services – Island Rescue can accommodate non-emergency transport requests for stretcher bound patients to any destination in the Caribbean or North America. We also provide nurse or paramedic medical escort services for patients that are approved for traditional scheduled flights, and we offer non-medical/security evacuation services as well.
  • Bed Registry – Island Rescue offers a bed registry service for families or medical staff seeking available specialized care within the Caribbean, Southern Florida or Toronto, Ontario. Bed Registry services coming soon.


Our Team

Island Rescue air ambulance is proud to offer a flight physician/critical care flight paramedic crew combination as routine staffing on every shift. We believe this provides the highest caliber of competency and scope of practice possible. In addition, we have highly qualified UK and U.S. flight physicians on call 24/7 to provide consult and a higher level of medical oversight where necessary.

Health care in a mobile, ever changing and demanding environment is very different than in a stable and controlled hospital environment. It takes considerable advanced training and discipline to maintain those qualifications and standards. Our clinical staff have been trained to a higher standard within their specific disciplines and maintain their level of excellence in specific competencies through rigorous ongoing training. For example, our flight physicians are qualified ER MDs but have exceeded that level by specializing in transport medicine and baromedicine. The same principals apply to our flight paramedics and nurses.


Island Rescue air ambulance is proud to utilize the best and most current medical resources available in hemodynamic and cardiac monitoring for flight operations. This includes our critical care and mechanical ventilation equipment. For a complete detailed list of our standard equipment click here.


Island Rescue is a new operation but is operated by a team of highly experienced and qualified industry professionals. We are deeply committed to excellence and accountability.  We partner only with accredited providers/partners and we will soon be seeking accreditation and affiliation with the following organizations;

Island Rescue air ambulance is proud to be current and up to date in the operations of modern evidence based transport medicine. When we are not flying we are monitoring medical literature and studies illustrating ongoing trends with our industry. When we’re not doing that, we are disseminating that information to land ambulance services through our philanthropic branch. Island Rescue works hard to advocate for local Regional EMS programs and general public safety.


ISLAND RESCUE is particularly committed to bringing meaningful air ambulance support to Haiti. Learn more