The Caribbean

The Caribbean

Island Rescue is committed to making air ambulance response within the Caribbean faster and more affordable for everyone while maintain the highest quality of health care.

Millions of visitors descend upon the Caribbean every year to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but very often too little thought is given to what might happen in the case of an emergency.
The speed at which an air ambulance can arrive at given location to collect an ill or injured person (and subsequently arrive at a definitive care hospital in the U.S. or Canada) is a critical factor in how well an individual might recover and what any lasting effects might be. Long delays in air ambulance response can lead to very unfortunate outcomes including death.

Placing an aircraft in the heart of the Caribbean will always be a faster option and a better one than bringing in an aircraft from the U.S. Island Rescue is positioned to be this faster option to most Caribbean destinations and because of our standards of excellence in safety and North American transport medicine we have quickly become the best option for visitors to the Caribbean. In addition because of these considerations Island Rescue has partnered with various travel insurance providers as a preferred operator.

Caribbean to Miami Times

Approximate times from within the Caribbean Region to Miami, FL, USA.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – 1.5hrs

Nassau, Bahamas – 0.5hrs

Havana, Cuba – 0.6hrs

Kingston, Jamaica – 1.5hrs

Cap Hatien, Haiti – 1.7hrs

Port au Prince, Haiti – 1.8hrs

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic – 1.9hrs

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – 2.3hrs

San Juan, Puerto Rico – 2.7hrs

Based on the Citation Bravo. Times vary with winds and altitude.

Departure Locations